We believe that small businesses are the engine of growth for the global economy. We have spent our careers starting, operating, financing and advising small businesses. Some of these companies went on to become large, global companies. But they all started small, usually as an idea or an opportunity. And it took an entrepreneur with conviction and a yeoman work ethic to make it happen. It also took access to capital.

The channels through which capital is made available to small businesses have changed. There remains a dearth of private capital available to small businesses as a result of the global credit contraction, as well as long-term structural changes in the credit markets.

We believe that the capital requirements for small businesses are growing. Smart ideas and good companies deserve access to fair capital. We founded our investment company to play some small part in the re-connection of Wall Street and Main Street. Over the years, our careers have allowed us to develop a global reach from the I-95 corridor between New York City and Washington, D.C. But our roots are still in the Heartland. Led by Mack McLarty, who as the steward of a fourth generation, Arkansas-based, family business, and also someone who helped shape some of the most important legislation impacting U.S. commerce in the 21st century, MCP approaches the investment landscape from a unique vantage point.